Making It Our Business: Co-ops on the Rise

Did you hear a radio broadcast featuring Arizmendi Bakery on Labor Day? The original radio segment, made in 2012, was re-broadcasted in celebration of Labor Day on September 1st. The interview features several of our current bakers at the bakery as well as several of the folks who were involved in starting Arizmendi in San Rafael. Give it a listen and learn more about your local co-op!

A link to the website can be found here:

Arizmendi's Secret - A Local Documentary on the Father of Cooperatives

This short film is about Father Arizmendietta - a Basque priest often called the "Father of Cooperatives". Arizmendi's Secret explores the ways in which the cooperative model offer solutions to businesses and communities regarding income inequality in the US and elsewhere. Phil Murphy, a San Anselmo, California, resident and consultant to nonprofit organizations wrote, produced and directed Arizmendi’s Secret.